Eamonn Riley​​​​​​​ - Actor

​​​​​​​Height 5’ 8″
Hair Bald Grey
Eyes Blue/grey

Age 58

R.P., S.E. London (Native),
General Northern(Resident)
Excellent American-General, Mid-West, Southern.
Good facility with others


Strong voice, high baritone.

Driving: Full Driving Licence


Stevenson Withers Associates

0207 7203355


Tongue & Groove
0161 228 2469

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Training: Eamonn trained at Manchester Polytechnic School of Theatre from 1988 - 1991

Theatre Includes...

2019, Stage, Lionel Trills, MARTHA JOSIE AND THE CHINESE ELVIS, Stephen Joseph Theatre and New Vic Stoke Co-production, Gemma Fairlie
2017, Stage, Constable Warren, OUR TOWN, Royal Exchange, Manchester, Sarah Frankcom
2015, Stage, Tony Bereli & Charley (First Immigration Officer), A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE, Bolton Octagon, David Thacker
2014, Stage, Mason, JOURNEY'S END, Octagon Theatre, Bolton, David Thacker
2013, Stage, William Crabtree, THE TRANSIT OF VENUS, Cul-de-Sac Theatre Company, Alyx Tole
2013, Stage, Eddie/German Soldier/Msr. Vaimbert, PIAF, Bolton Octagon Theatre, Elizabeth Newman
2013, Stage, Sergeant/Inspector, CAN'T PAY, WON'T PAY, Octagon Theatre, Bolton, Elizabeth Newman
2013, Stage, Whit, OF MICE AND MEN, Octagon Theatre, Bolton, David Thacker
2012, Stage, Bill, THE TOWERS OF BABEL, Banana Jam / 24:7 Festival, David Thacker
2012, Stage, Humphrey / Perce, ALFIE, Bolton Octagon, David Thacker
2009, Stage, Keith Porter, EVERYBODY LOVES A WINNER, Royal Exchange Manchester, Neil Bartlett
2003, Stage, Frank Lubey, ALL MY SONS, Manchester Library Theatre, Chris Honer
2002, Stage, Peter Cane, QUIDS 'N' DIMPS, Royal Exchange Studio Theatre, Sarah Frankcom
1999, Stage, Gil Rollins, TOBACCOLAND, Royal Exchange Theatre, Greg Hersov
1999, Stage, Uncle Henry/Guard Of Emerald, WIZARD OF OZ, Bolton Octagon Theatre, Jo Read
1997, Stage, Richard, DEAD FUNNY, Oldham Coliseum, Malcolm Hebden
1992, Stage, Frank Lubey, ALL MY SONS, Young Vic Theatre, David Thacker

TV Includes...

2018, Television, Officer (2 Eps), YEARS & YEARS, BBC1, Simon Cellan-Jones
2018, Television, Garrett, BULLETPROOF, Sky/ Vertigo, Ole Endresen
2016, Television, Roger Pullman, EMMERDALE, ITV, Sean Healey
2012, Television, Pawnbroker, CORONATION STREET, Granada ITV, Peter Rowe
2010, Television, Charles Trant, EMMERDALE, Yorkshire TV, Tim Dowd and Henry Foster
2010, Television, Foreman of the Jury, ACCUSED - WILLY'S STORY, Granada, David Blair
2010, Television, Gerald, CORONATION STREET, Granada, Terry Dyddgen-Jones
2008, Television, Dr. Reynolds, SUNSHINE, Jellylegs/BBC, Craig Cash
2007, Television, Bill Draper, THE CHASE, Rollem / BBC, Susan Tully
2006, Television, Sir Harold Christie, MURDER IN PARADISE, Lion TV/ Channel 4, Matthew Wortman
2006, Television, Jim Parks, THE BILL, Talkback Thames, Jan Bauer
2006, Television, Ken Stafford, BLUE MURDER, ITV, Menhaj Houda
2006, Television, Bailiff, LONGFORD, Channel 4, Tom Hooper
2006, Television, PC Mark Jones, THE STREET, 2 EPS, BBC/Granada, David Blair
2005, Television, Mr. Bushell, JOHNNY AND THE BOMB, BBC Television, Dermot Boyd
2004, Television, Glen, HOLLYOAKS, Mersey Television, Jamie Annett
2005, Television, Various, ALL RIGHT? ALL RIGHT! (10 EPS), YLE Finland, Neil Hardwick
2004, Television, Robert Davis, THE BILL, Fremantle/ Thames, Nic Phillips
2004, Television, Stuart Banks, THE COURTROOM, Mersey Television, Chris Corcoran
2003, Television, Clive Masters, HEARTBEAT, Yorkshire Television, Judith Dine
2003, Television, Colin Podmore, DECISIONS- STEVE'S HEARTACHE, Channel 4/Chameleon TV, Gerry Troyner
2003, Television, Ted, ISLAND AT WAR, Granada Television, Thaddeus O'Sullivan
2003, Television, Michael Farraday, SUSPICION, Yorkshire Television, Jamie Payne
2002, Television, Night Shelter Warden, WAKING THE DEAD, BBC Television, David Thacker
2001, Television, Mr. Parry, A IS FOR ACID, Yorkshire Television, Harry Bradbeer
2001, Television, Kenneth Walker, CASUALTY, BBC Television, Graham Wetherell
2001, Television, Peter Hartnell - 20+ episodes, CORONATION STREET, Granada Television
2001, Television, The Court Usher, CHAMBERS II, BBC Television, Gareth Carrivick
2000, Television, Peterson, THE LAW, Pearson Television, Juliet May
2000, Television, Anaesthetist, ALWAYS & EVERYONE, Granada Television, David Tucker & Tony Prescott
1997, Television, Sam Hunmanby, DALZIEL AND PASCOE, BBC Television, Edward Bennett
1996, Television, Lionel - 3 Episodes, BAND OF GOLD II, Granada Television, Betsan Maurice-Evans
1996, Television, The Man, THE WARD, Granada Television, Beryl Richards
1995, Television, Dr Paul Stack - 6 Episodes, MEDICS - 2 YRS, Granada Television, Michael Owen Morris
1994, Television, Simon Jenkins - 12 Episodes, REVELATIONS, Granada Television, Simon Massey